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  • fRoots – “Prigadi-pragadi” review. ENG (no 298, 2008)
  • New Folk Sounds - ”Prigadi-pragadi” review. NL (February 2007)
  • FolkRoddels“Prigadi-pragadi” review. BE (January 2008)
  •“Prigadi-pragadi” review. NL (November 2007)
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  • Postimees“Prigadi-pragadi” review. EST (23.12.2006)


  • DelfiAn article about “Piisa viina”. EST (12.03.2014)
  • Times of MaltaAn interview with Oliver. ENG (09.03.2008)
  • PostimeesAn article about the Birthday Tour. EST (07.02.2008)
  • SakalaAn interview with Diskreetse Mango Trio. EST (06.02.2008)
  • SaundAn article about the Birthday Tour. EST (02.02.2008)
  • DelfiAn article about the Birthday Tour. EST (01.02.2008)
  • StiinaAn interview with Diskreetse Mango Trio. EST (January 2007)
  • LinnalehtAn article about “Prigadi-pragadi”. EST (13.12.2006)
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  • Eesti PäevalehtAn interview about “Prigadi-pragadi”. EST (02.12.2006)
  • Eesti PäevalehtAn article about “Prigadi-pragadi”. EST (30.11.2006)
  • PostimeesAn article about Viljandi Folk Music Festival. EST (27.07.2006)
  • Eesti PäevalehtAn article about “Hobusemäng”. EST (14.09.2005)



 ”Energetic, fuzz-guitars drum-splashy folk-rocking of Estonian regilaul”
Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots

 ”Prigadi-Pragadi is Estonian folk music on steroids!”
Tom Keller, FolkWorld

 ”Their tracks are all very powerful, most are upbeat and with 4 singers, the vocal lines are strong and lush”
Nigel McLaughlin, World Music World


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